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Liste des publications depuis 2012

Tardif, M., Atteia, A., Specht, M., Cogne, G., Rolland, N., Brugière, S., Hippler, M., Ferro, M., Bruley, C., Peltier, G., Vallon, O. and Cournac, L. (2012) PredAlgo, a new subcellular localization prediction tool dedicated to green algae. Molecular Biology and Evolution 29,3625-3639

Baymann, F., Schoepp-Cothenet, B., Lebrun, E., van Lis, R. and Nitschke, W. (2012) Phylogeny of Rieske/cytb complexes with a special focus on the haloarchaeal enzymes. Genome Biology and Evolution 4,720-729

van Lis, R., Nitschke, W., Warelow, T.P., Capowiez, L., Santini, J. and Schoepp-Cothenet (2012) Heterologously expressed arsenite oxidase : A system to study biogenesis and structure/function relationships of the enzyme family. Biochim.Biophys.Acta Bioenergetics 1817, 1701-1708

Pandelia, M.E., Lubitz, W. and Nitschke, W. (2012) Evolution and diversification of Group 1 [NiFe] hydrogenases. Is there a phylogenetic marker for O2-tolerance ? Biochim.Biophys.Acta Bioenergetics 1817, 1565-1575

Schoepp-Cothenet, B., van Lis, R., Philippot, P., Magalon, A., Russell, M.J. and Nitschke, W. (2012) The ineluctable requirement for the trans-iron elements molybdenum and/or tungsten in the origin of life. Scientific Reports 2, 263

Kohzuma, K., Dal Bosco, C., Kanazawa, A., Dhinga, A., Nitschke, W., Meurer, J. and Kramer, D.M. (2012) A thioredoxin-insensitive plastid ATP synthase that performs moonlighting functions. Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.
USA 109, 3293-3298.

ten Brink, F. and Baymann, F. (2012) Rieske/cytochrome b complexes :
the turbo chargers of chemiosmosis in : Adv. Photosynthesis and
Respiration : The structural basis of biological energy generation (Hohmann-Marriott,M., ed.) Springer, in press

van Lis, R., Nitschke, W., Duval, S. and Schoepp-Cothenet, B. (2012) Evolution of arsenite oxidation in : The Metabolism of Arsenite (Santini, J.M. and Ward, S.A., eds.), Chapter 11 CRC Press ISBN :

Heath, J., Osborne, T. and Schoepp-Cothenet, B. (2012) Arsenite oxidase
in : The Metabolism of Arsenite (Santini, J.M. and Ward, S.A., eds.), Chapter 7 CRC Press ISBN : 978-0-4156971-94

Nitschke, W. and Russell, M.J. (2012) Redox bifurcations : Mechanisms and importance to life now, and at its origins A widespread means of energy conversion in biology unfolds... BioEssays 34, 106-109

Warelow,T. P., Oke, M., Schoepp-Cothenet, B., Dahl, J.U., Bruselat, N., Sivalingam, G.N., Leimkühler, S., Thalassinos, K., Kappler, U., Naismith, J.H. and Santini J.M. (2013) The Respiratory Arsenite
Oxidase : Structure and the Role of Residues Surrounding the Rieske Cluster. PLOSOne, Volume 8(8 ) : e72535.

Rivasseau, C., Farhi, E., Atteia, A., Couté, A., Gromova, M., de Gouvion Saint Cyr, D., Boisson, A-M., Féret, A.-S., Compagnon, E. and Bligny, R (2013) An extremely radioresistant green eukaryote for radionuclide bio-decontamination in the nuclear industry. Energy Environ. Sci. 6, 1230-1239

ten Brink, F., Schoepp-Cothenet, B., van Lis, R., Nitschke, W. and Baymann, F. (2013) Multiple Rieske/cytb complexes in a single organism. Biochim.Biophys. Acta Bioenergetics 1827, 1392-1406

Grimaldi, S., Cécaldi, P., Schoepp-Cothenet, B., Guigliarelli, B. and Magalon, A. (2013) The prokaryotic Mo/W-bisPGD enzymes family : a catalytic workhorse in bioenergetics. Biochim.Biophys. Acta Bioenergetics 1827, 1048-1085

Nitschke, W., McGlynn, S., Milner-White, J., and Russell, M.J. (2013) On the antiquity of metalloenzymes and their substrates in bioenergetics. Biochim. Biophys. Acta Bioenergetics 1827, 871-881.

Nitschke, W. and Russell, M.J. (2013) Beating the acetyl-CoA pathway to the origin of life. Philos.Trans.R.Soc. London B 368, 20120258.

Russell, M.J., Nitschke, W. and Branscomb, E. (2013) The inevitable journey to being Philos.Trans.R.Soc. London B 368, 20120254.

Kolaj-Robin, O., Noor, M.R., O’Kane, S.R., Baymann, F. and Soulimane, T. (2013) Atypical features of Thermus thermophilus succinate:quinone reductase.
PLoS ONE 8:e53559

van Lis, R., Baffert, C., Couté, Y., Nitschke, W. and Atteia, A. (2013) Chlamydomonas reinhardtii chloroplasts contain a homodimeric pyruvate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase that functions with FDX1 Plant Physiology 161, 57-71

Nitschke, W. (2013) The evolutionary aspects of bioenergetic systems Biochim.Biophys. Acta Bioenergetics 1827, 61.

Schoepp-Cothenet, B., van Lis, R., Atteia, A., Baymann, F., Capowiez, L., Ducluzeau, A.-L., Duval, S., ten Brink, F., Russell, M.J. and Nitschke, W. (2013) On the universal core of bioenergetics.
Biochim.Biophys. Acta Bioenergetics 1827, 79-93

van Lis, R., Nitschke, W., Duval, S. and Schoepp-Cothenet, B. (2013) Arsenics as bioenergetic substrates. Biochim.Biophys. Acta Bioenergetics 1827, 176-188

Atteia, A., van Lis, R., Tielens, A.G.M. and Martin, W.F. (2013) Anaerobic energy metabolism in unicellular photosynthetic eukaryotes. Biochim.Biophys. Acta Bioenergetics 1827, 210-223

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